Jodi has been working with our son for the past five years. Five years ago he used to play silent by himself in a corner, playing with objects in an atypical manor. He was non-verbal and was unable to engage with anyone. We were told by some “experts” not to expect much and lower our expectations. Five years later after working with Jodi and her magic he has conversations, has friends who love him, and attends public school with ease. He can also express his emotions appropriately.

His future now looks very bright and we are confident that he, like any other child, has the ability to achieve whatever he chooses and now has the chance at a very happy and successful life. This would never have been possible without Jodi’s expertise and support. She not only helped our son but our whole family and we are eternally grateful. She also has addressed all our varied needs going through the autism midfields, making the journey an education instead of a nightmare. She is an angel, a treasure.

The third best day of our lives came when our child first said: “I love you” and gave us both a hug. The second best day was the day we met Jodi and she came into our lives. The first was the day we had our son.

Jodi is the miracle worker who is without doubt the autism community’s best warrior.

N & C

Dear Jodi and Doug,

We cannot thank you enough for your direction, coordination and advice throughout our son’s successful intervention.  Our son has achieved remarkable results over the past 4 years and continues to improve with your help.  We are thankful that we found you and will always be grateful for the profound and positive impact you have had on our son and family’s lives.

J & B

Jodi Gilmore has worked with my son since the age of his diagnosis (three years old) and he is nearly six now.

When my son began with Jodi, I wasn’t sure if he would ever express to me how he felt or what he was thinking about. He would speak to us by repeating what we had said to him and had a limited vocabulary. Soon after Jodi began to see him, we saw the development begin!

He is now and has been for some time, speaking to us at length about all sorts of topics of interest. He’s bursting with ideas and creativity and he even asks me how I am doing from time to time..! 😉

Jodi was masterful at subtly encouraging my son to begin to reference on his own without being asked to “look.”
His sessions are a place where he can go and have fun and play while gaining confidence and valuable skills to reference and to regulate.
Jodi is an expert at being able to follow my son’s lead and turn any and all play opportunities into opportunities to further grow.

She is also masterful at understanding just who my son is, when he needs a break and how he is feeling while in her care. She knows when to pull back and is always an encouraging and uplifting presence for him.

Overture’s approach is unique in that they recognize that the health of the child through proper nutrition is a component to supporting the whole child. Jodi has been an excellent and very knowledgeable resource on how to make whole foods palatable for my extremely picky eater and has sent recipes and made important recommendations along the way.

Our son is doing very well and we continue to feel supported by Jodi at every turn. She’s been our families lifesaver.

It is without any reservation that I recommend Jodi to any family seeking a supportive, kind, insightful and deeply knowledgeable support for not only their little one but for the support of the whole family.

With warm appreciation,
The Kinney-Sepp’s

Our son has been working with Doug and Jodi for the past year and a half and it is one of the best decisions we have made for our son’s future potential. He has made great gains in his behaviour, communication, and social skills using the Reference & Regulate model. The HANDLE activities we have learned have helped in so many ways, it’s truly remarkable. Doug and Jodi are very professional and knowledgeable and most importantly they are kind and compassionate people, which makes it an easy choice to have them be a part of our son’s team.

The Grewals

We have known Doug and Jodi for about 10 years. Jodi started working with our son when he was 2 ½ years old, and has stood by us and supported us throughout our journey. She worked on R & R with our son, and over time he learned to reference, learned some sign language and became the happy, engaged, social, regulated 12 year old he is now.

The road wasn’t all smooth sailing for us, but Jodi and Doug were there to support us, not just my son but the entire family. They helped us get through the rough spots, adapt to the challenges, and move forward.

We are excited to begin the next phase of our journey with Overture, as we learn how to better support my son’s whole body through nutrition.

Jodi is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, kind and caring and it is without any hesitation that I recommend her to any family looking to make a change.

K & T

We are so lucky to have had Jodi and Doug work with my daughter, who has ASD. You could not ask for more caring or professional people and the results that they saw were wonderful. Jodi worked with my daughter on her social communication and regulation and my daughter would bounce into the playroom everyday, eager to play. There was mutual respect and friendship that seemed so natural for both of them. Doug provided HANDLE therapy and guidance. The activities were small, easily doable, and made a real difference. She went from being very noise sensitive and always wearing her ear protection at school to rarely using them. She seemed more aware of her body and she caught a ball for the first time a few sessions in! Her sensory system has been slowly normalizing, and she seems to feel cold whereas before she was oblivious to dropping temperatures. My daughter has come a long way and the early years with Jodi and Doug were instrumental in her progress. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


We have been working with Jodi since my child is 3 years old. He is now 11. She not only supports my child and helps in addressing his challenges, but she also provides myself and my husband support and strategies to help our son and promote the well being of our family. Our relationship with Jodi has transcended the professional; she goes over and above her role as consultant, often drawing upon her experiences as a parent of a child on the spectrum coupled with her immense wealth of knowledge and training on various interventions and therapies that help deal with the challenges of autism and related disorders like anxiety and OCD. She is a great advocate for our child and is his number one believer. You will never find a more compassionate and experienced professional.

Helping children and parents connect in meaningful ways and improving quality of life for ALL family members.