The Visual System

The importance of eyesight in learning and behaviour is well recognized and children are tested regularly for visual acuity. But visual health goes beyond 20/20 vision. The ability of the eyes to work together to focus on a single point (binocularity) and to move smoothly over a line of print (visual tracking) are crucial to success in all academic areas and to social interaction.

Clues that may indicate a weakness in the visual system include:

  • difficulty in sustaining eye contact
  • poor eye – hand coordination
  • pain, watering or discomfort when required to perform tasks
  • inability to read without losing place
  • rubbing of eyes after use
  • frequent headaches after visual work
  • frequent stomachaches after visual work
  • difficulty copying from the board
  • skipping words while reading
  • reversal of letters and words while reading
  • generalized light sensitivity
  • poor three-dimensional perception
  • insecurity going downstairs
The Visual System

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