Our Comprehensive Program

Family life is stressful at the best of times.  As parents of a young adult who has overcome a variety of health and neurodevelopmental challenges, we understand the stress and trauma that comes with receiving a diagnosis and raising a child with challenges.

Every family’s circumstances are unique and therefore every program is unique, as well.  Together with the family, we determine where and how to begin, given a family’s current needs. We work closely with each family to assess needs on an ongoing basis and adjust the plan accordingly, to minimize stress and maximize development and an enjoyable family life.

Each program typically includes a combination of:

Nutritional counseling to improve nutrient status and decrease toxicity for better brain function.

Neurodevelopmental movement activities to reorganize the brain, integrate infant reflexes and improve sensory processing and integration.

1:1 and Family play sessions to accelerate the development of  social referencing, social communication and self-regulation skills in order to improve learning outcomes and nurture the parent-child relationship.

Parent education sessions to give parents a deeper understanding of their child’s needs and to learn in-the-moment tools for managing day-to-day challenges and supporting their child’s development.  Extended family and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Additional supports:

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback


Distance support via Skype


$90 – HANDLE® Sessions  (per hour)

$90 – Behavioural Intervention (per hour)

$270 – Nutritional Assessment and Initial Recommendations (3 hours)

$90 – Nutritional Follow-up Sessions (per hour)

$90 – Parent-child and 1:1 therapy sessions (per hour)

$90 – Skype sessions (per hour)

$90 – NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions (per hour)

Helping children and parents connect in meaningful ways and improving quality of life for ALL family members.